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Rawr [12 Jan 2003|01:19pm]
[ mood | busy ]

I havn't Posted in this journal in a really long while. Why? Because I don't have to. Yay. Well I miss all my online friends, well not all of them. But some of them. I don't talk to anybody. I get online, I talk to Scott. Scott is in my cpc class, so he's my buddy. Today I asked him if he'd be one of my best friends. Since I lost mike. :D He said yes, so now yay Scott is one of my best friends. I have to be doing my homework. I got one paragraph done. Oops, bad girl. Oh well don't care. I got a blurty, But I shall not say what it is. If you want it, lemmie know. I still have the same screen name I've had for god knows how many years. it's Slipknot Kittah. YEs that's right.

I love the lord of the rings. Ooh baby. :D I gonna go. bye!

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Update, update ::dance, prance dance:: [12 Nov 2002|04:41pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Well hmm.. I havn't written much lately... I've got alot of stuff to tell about, but I think it's best as I dont' say most of it.. I'm really excited about the Mudvayne concert the 22nd. Well I think it's the 22nd, whatever. I guess I'm suppose to watch my back I don't give a fuck what anybbody tries. I'm gonna be with Candice and Mike, I think Cassie is going... and Heather (this really cool chick on my bus) Says shes going to go too. It should be alot of fun... Yay... Mudvayne and Taproot. Fun fun! Well yeah, my sister is pregnant and her babyshower is December first.. I had to do the invitations and stuff it was really.. teadious. Yugi is dueling Kaiba. [Not like you care... lol Hell, not like I care.]
We've started COBOL in CPC today, it's hard and compleatly confuseing. I think I need Rudy's help. Today I was suppose ot hang out with J, Jeff and Candice, but today is Troy's birthday so she couldn't. Jeff said he has Jazz band at five today so he couldn't.. and Jason isn't home.. Damn them. Yeah, so Erin and Alison and I are going to see Harry Potter on Saturday and then probably go back to Erins and party hard. It should be intresting... Kurt in my math class wants me to write him a story, he wants it to be hardcore porn.. So we fixed the computer.. Being grounded sucks ass dude.. It's not a lot of fun, even when I didn't do anything wrong. Oh well I'll be un-grounded by saturday and then I should get my Mudvayne ticket on sunday, I've been saving moneys. :D yay

Well lets see, I made a few new friends this year, and you know that was fun. Lisa is really a cool girl, she draws pictures of monkeys for me. Annnnnd you know, I got my Candice. Mike and I started hanging out again this year.. Well I think that's because he fancies Candice. And I made another new friend, in English class, his name is Mike too. He's really nice, and he's Cute. Yeah, and I started RPing again, I RP Draco.. he's not mean at all though, I think I've gotat start giving him some attitude. Some guy gave me a quarter today. :D It was cool... and then he asked if I was a maggot and I said yup.. and then the bell rang and He said he'd like to talk to me tomorrow. Yay. Oh shit I need to go take my pill and then maybe a nap is called for. Bye guys, love you.

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Havn't updated in a while. Here's the scoop. [02 Nov 2002|08:43pm]
Well I guess I'd have to say Happy HalloweenNothing new has been going on lately, Candice and I are friends again, N' Jason and Jeff won't hang out with us anymore. Damn that Vice City game that Jason got. I have the biggets fucking tummy ache, and the other jason, the really weird guy [who now has orange hair] at my bus stop keeps fucking kissing me, and its' getting on my nerves. You all know, I love affection, but just.. not from jason, well a little is okay, but just.. not so much.

Halloween was a few days ago and I was a wench. Maybe the chicks at cpc were jealous or discusted, becuase they kept looking at me funny, but people told me I looked really pretty, and that they liked me dress. The boaters in my math class made fun of me, but it's not like I care what they've got to say. I just read like.. two entrys out of my friends list, but I've got to say Paul, your new buddy icon is seskii. :D

Hey well, I've got to go, bye now.
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[01 Oct 2002|01:00pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I'm tired and bored. Yey. I don't really have much to say, I'm not very intresting and I don't like writing in my journal anymore. I'll talk to you all later. I took a quiz. Yey.
Which Rocky Horror Character are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Well have fun. :D I <3 Columbia! She's seskii. :D

[25 Sep 2002|11:02pm]
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Take off your clothes [20 Sep 2002|06:37pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Hmm... Lately nothing too much has been going on. School has been trudging on as normal. I hate it, it hates me. I mad a few new friends in CPC. I sit near Juan in Drake.. which is cool, I appoligized for punching him in the balls when I was a feshman. lol. Lunch blows. I'm bored and I think Mary will be over here in a little while, we're going to hte mall
Well I'll see you all later.

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[13 Sep 2002|05:22pm]
I'm Basil. I must be a hateful person, because basil is symbolic of hatred. Well fuck off, fuck you, and fuck off. I'm a cantankerous son of a bitch and my hate has STAMINA. I do not forget slights, so stay off my shitlist if you know what's good for you. Fuck off, fuck you, and fuck off.
What bloom are you? by Polly_Snodgrass
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Kevin Smith = God! [11 Sep 2002|03:16pm]
I stole this one from Ri. Thank you sweety.


Which Kevin Smith Movie Are You? by jennablue!

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Hmm... [05 Sep 2002|03:12pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Happy Happy Happy! Woo. Sprained the old ankle... it still hurts, but I'm still going to the wired frog Friday, I think. It should be fun. Matt is probabyl driving. People at school suck, not that I care... Billy sucks. He likes to try to make me feel bad about myself. But he did it on a bad day -- Yesterday... bad day for him I mean. I was in a wonderful mood yesterday. Talkin to Tonya, and Jeff and Jamey. It was great I had my laughs, and then his immaturity spilled out into my journal. It made me laugh. Thanks Billy.

I got to talk to Tj last night... It was nice, I kinda miss him. Heh. This guy, that found my piccieture somewhere wants to meet me, which is kind of odd. He said I'm hot, which scares me.. what hte fuck am I listening to? Oh, it was Bittersweet Symphony by the verve. Oh well that's okay. Pooly is making me vote for some guy named mike, at some site... I'll see you kids later.


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"I wish I was, too dead to cry self affliction fails" [31 Aug 2002|12:12am]
[ mood | depressed ]

God damnit. I was just chillin' and all of a sudden an overwhelming depression just kinda ate me up. I feel just . . . bad. I hate this. It really sucks, I get to spend another day compleatly alone. I get so sad for no reason. I really don't like myself.

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;-; school = hell [28 Aug 2002|05:13pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Yeah, so today was the first full day, I spent three fucking hours in CPC, with ms... uh I forgot her name. I think it's Ms. Tesh. Well she's psycho, and the only people I know in there, are Mike Seidler, and Yat-wah. What fun will I have with them? Hmm and oh how fun is this shit? They're not having Bus's take us to school from CPC, we've all got to fucking walk, what kind of bullshit is that? Its not time for walking. Its time for class. Fucking school. So anyway, Drake gave me soooooo much homework today, it's fucking government, what can you do in government? I don't know either. So then I go to lunch ,and hte people I was suppose to sit with ,fucking. . . left me. ;-; I was really upset. So I had to go and sit with Alison. And her bitchy friend told me to Shush when Mr. Chute was talking. So I got fucking pissed. I havn't been so upset since school let out. God it makes me soooo mad. I hate this. Yeah, so today I talked to Jeff and he said that his class might be switching to C lunch. I was all happy, but then I was tardy. [oh shit!] so I had to run. Ms. Calahan [I know that's not how you spell it]seemed nice, but kinda mean at the same time. Then I had to go to the Trailor park. [Yes, stupid school... I've got Math in a trailor.] And these damn boaters were pissing me off again. I hate that school. I FUCKING HATE IT! Bus is kinda full, and yey we've got another girl exactally like Antiona.. it's hell. Well I guess I'll cut this off now. with one final note.



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Rawr... [26 Aug 2002|02:33pm]
Hey, I havn't updated, in forever. I've just been chillin' feelin' sorry for myself. I made a new friend. His name is jeff and he's soooo much fun. It's grand. George Nucolovic told Jeff that Erin was hot, and now he wants to meet her. :D Yesterday, I hung out with jeff all day, and I dyed his hair and made it cool. It looks awsome. It's all turquize. It looks great. I'm so proud of myself for not fucking up. Well anyway, we went to Jason Wysockies hose and it was grand. And I found out htat The John kid that sat at our lunch table during first semester was the one trhat got TJ kicked out... which pisses me off. STupid ass frecklie eared boy. Hmm... when I got home, Tj, Lee and Megan were over here, and we hung out, I got many hugs which was grand. I love hugs. I missed Tj so much. They want me to go to a party saturday, and I said I wouild, but I couldnt' come home drunk. so they said I could spend the night. But my mom said I couldn't spend the night. It's kinda sad really. Jeff was suppose to come over today, but he didn't.
heh, he just got up. He just IMed me. Today, TJ is suppose to come pick me up, and take me ot hte mall. I have to find a dresse that my boobs aren't popping out of for this funeral. I don't like funerals, they're so... boring. I don't know what's going on. I have to call and see what bus I'm suppose to take. ok, it's the same one as last year. Ms. Strogen knew it was me. She said "Is this Susan? What? Did you think I wouldn't recognize your voice?" lmfao. Well I guess I'd better be off now, I've gotta call Tj and be like... "are you up?" Yeah so I'll talk to ya'll later. Bye.
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[16 Aug 2002|02:52pm]

I just had to take this, and here are the totals

Harry 75

Ron 67

Hermione 43

Oliver 63

Percy 45

Draco 73

Hagrid 62

Dumbledore 54

Crabbe 55

Voldemort 78

Neville 44

Vernon 59

McGonagall 28
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I had a dream... [16 Aug 2002|01:59pm]
[ mood | dirty ]

Last night, I had a dream that I was on the real world... Don't ask why but yeah. So anyways, I walked out of the bedroom in my bondage pants, fishnet shirt and a straight jacket screaming "I HAD AN ORGASM!!" Yeah, Odd, isn't it? Well I'm okay It was just kinda freaky. I mean I was only asleep for about ten minuets, and this dream woke me up. I didn't crawl into couch untill seven. I was watching this movie on USA that so reminded me of my family. Mom - Drunk, Dad - Lost all the money, and has a bad temper, Kid(s) - Drunk at 15 [Which isn't me] and Has an anger management problem and resents her family [Which is me. :D] Yeah, it was kind of odd, seeing a movie about that sort of thing. The mom was all... Kissing on the girls head "You're all I have. I can't talk to anybody else" Do you know, how many times my mother has said that exact same thing to me?
Most of the shit that the drunk lady said, has come out of my mothers mouth numerous times.
Well I'm gonna cut this off, I think I'll take a shower.

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"If I were the king of the world..." [13 Aug 2002|01:33pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Yeah, so anyways I just got my computer back again It had a virius. Umm... yeah, today Krystyn, Dylan and Aunt Bobbie came over. Krystyn is so annoying. I'm bored as fuck. And hungry as I don't know what. We were suppose to go to the movies today and get some lunch, but when mom gave me the money that I worked, ever so hard for. She started crying because Dad fucked up again. He was suppose to deposit fifty dollars in the bank, 'cause he wrote a check. And he told her that he did. So she was fine and dandy, and gave me my money. Then he called while I was still in her room, and told her to go and deposit fifty bucks 'cause he didn't do it. So, yeah. I gave her the money back, 'cause she was in tears. I hate this. It really sucks. I needed that money but my dad had to be soo stupid. I have a sore throat. Well I guess that's all for now.
I still want a slurpee.

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"I'm not crazy 'cause I take the right pills, every day." [08 Aug 2002|01:12pm]
[ mood | drained ]

So yeah, I havn't done anything today, talk to a few people. Made some food for me. Yesterday I talked to Lee. I called him, and he just got back home. :D Tj is still in Tennesee. I guess Lee and Tj are moving out to Tennesee when Lee turns seventeen. :D Great guys, but I'll miss 'em. Lee's suppose to call me tody. I want lord of the rings on DVD. I want to see thoes special features. Damnit. I'm so sleepy.

I want a slurpee.

Yesterday we went to hamtramick. We had food, it wasn't too good, which made me mad. We couldn't go to my favorite Polish restraunt. We had to go to the other one, the expensive one. And the food wasn't good. I can make better. [And you don't realize how sad that is.] So yeah, so after that we went to kohls and then my sister took me out for dinner 'cause we didn't eat our food at lunch. We went to the Maceroni Girll. It was so fun! I drew a picture of our waitress on our paper. I made her have blue skin and red hair. :D [Thoes were the only crayons I had. my sister was using the green one.] My sister said it was pretty good. And then I drew a dancing cat in a uniform. I found it fun.

Well hey, I'm gonna go now. I don't have much else to say. I hope something comes up and I can do something to day.

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"He will try and take the ring. You know of whom I speak." [07 Aug 2002|11:50am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Hmm... So yeah. Yesterday, Alison, Erin and I hung out untill 11. We went to bermingham. I would have rather walked around Royal Oak. You know, they've got fun shops. The Cats Meow, Noir Leather, Funky Seven [I want that storm trooper uniform that they used to have.] And the gay porn store. ;D Yeah, but I didnt' get to go, and that is okay. My friends were happy. It was kind of funny. We were suppose to be home at 11, but Ali's mum gets off at 10. She called Erin's house at 10 to, and started freaking out. Tellin' her shit that she wasn't white, and wasn't allowed to stay out so late. And so her mum came and got her. Her mum said we weren't gonna be allowed to hang out with her anymore. I was like.... What the fuck... ooookay, evlevn isn't late. I could understand if It was like, one or two in the morning... or even if we were at the movies at like 11. But we were at Erins house, in her basement watching TV and talking about old times [We always do that, imagine how it'll be when we're old.] We had a blast yesterday night and Her mum made me mad.

I went to sleep at about six last night. Didn't fall asleep till around six thirty, and had to get up at quarter to eight. Stupid babysitting. And yo' I don't even get paid for it. It's just because I'm nice or something and this lady's only going to be gone a few hours. My mum told the lady that I would do it for free. Never again will I babysit anybody that isn't family, unless I know I'll get paid. I never get paid babysitting family but that's fine. When they get older I can tease them about stupid shit. Or smack em' or something. You know. Hmmm... I think my sisters here. The Family's going to down to Hamtramak today. It should be... food-filled to say the least.

Oh well, I must be off. See you all later.

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Eep. [01 Aug 2002|01:24am]
[ mood | blank ]

Okay, so yeah. I've got some birthdays... No, I didn't forget... I just... havn't really had time to fuck around... Okay.. so first, Candice would probably go here. I know she hates me, and shit. But Happy birthday Candice, July 23rd.
I'd like to say Happy Birthday to Larry. Yeah, I know we've not spoken in a really fucking long time... but yanno'. Happy birthday. July 29. And to my Journal, who has no name. Have a wonderful birthday, July 29th. Paul, Tonya and Harry Potter Happy birthday July 31st. I hope you had fun. I think that's it... for the recent weeks. Bye everybody and happy birthday. If I forgot you, I give you permission to hurt me. Even though I meant nothign by it.. yeah. Well bye.

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The last stage of the quest was before them... [29 Jul 2002|01:32am]
[ mood | artistic ]

The Journey Continues This Christmas...

Troll sat alone on his seat of stone,
And munched and mimbled a bare old bone;
For many a year he had gnawed it near,
For meat was hard to come by.
Done by! Gum by!
In a cave in the hills he dwelt alone,
And meat was hard to come by.

Up came Tom with his big boots on.
Said he to Troll: 'Pray, what is yon?
For it looks like the shin o'my nuncle Tim,
As should be a-lyin' in graveyard.
Caveyard! Paveyard!
This many a year has Tim been gone,
And I thought he were lyin' in graveyard.'

'Mylad,'said Troll, 'this bone I stole.
But what be bomes that lie in a hole?
Thy nuncle was dead as a lump o' lead,
Afore I found his shinbone.
Tinbone! Thinbone!
He can spare a share for a poor old troll,
For he don't need his shinbone'.

Said Tom: 'I don't see why the likes o'thee
Without axin' leave should go makin' free
With the shank or the skin o'my father's kin;

So hand the old bone over!
Rover! Trover!
Thought dead he be it belons to he;
So hand the old bone over!'

'For a couple o' pins', says Troll, and grins,
'I'll eat thee too, and gnaw thy shins.
A bit o'fresh meat will go down sweet!
I'll try my teeth on thee now.
Hee now! See now!
I'm tired o'gnawing old bones and skins;
I've a mind to dine on thee now.
Hee now! See now!
I'm tired o'gnawing old bones and skins;
I've a mind to dine on thee now.'

But just as he though his dinner was caught,
He found his hands had hold of naught.
Before he could mind, Tom slipped behind
And gave him the boot to larn him.
Warn him! Darn him!
A bump o' the boot on hte seat, Tom thought,
Would be the way to larn him.

But harder than stone is the flesh and bone
Of a troll that sits in the hills alone.
As well set your boot to the mountain's root,
For the seat of a troll don't feel it.
Peel it! Heal it!
Old Troll laughed, when he heard Tom groan,
And he knew his toes could feel it.

Tom's leg is game, since home he came,
And his bootless food is lasting lame;
But Trool don't care, and he's still there
With the bone he boned from its owner.
Doner! Boner!
Troll's old seat is still the same,
And the bone is boned from his owner.

Three Rings For The Elven-Kings Under The Sky,
Seven For The Dwarf-Lords In Their Halls of Stone,
Nine For The Mortal Men Doomed To Die,
One For The Dark Lord on His Dark Throne
In The Land Of Mordor Where The Shadows Lie.
One Ring To Rule Them All, One Ring To Find Them,
One Ring To Bring Them All And in The Darkness Bind Them
In The Land of Mordor Where The Shadows Lie.
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I'm back... from outer space (But only for a while though. ;D) [29 Jul 2002|12:38am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Wow gosh damnit. I hasn't been online in for-fucking ever. I has no computer and thanks to Andy's hospitality I has a motherfuckingcomputer to use for a short period of time. Uhh... What happened.. I dont' remember. Erin and I went bowling, and swimming and Alison swam too. We went to McDonalds and to blockbuster and on like... three mile walks every day. Fun fun. Yesterday Mickey came over and so did Alison. We had fun. Walking around a lot. I helped Mickey fix his bike. Then we chilled in the basement and talked about shit. It was very fun. I gave him some of my posters and shit and he Finally signed my fucking year book. Umm.. then he tried to steal my blankie [Which I hold very dear.] and then when I tried to get it back, he hurt my boob. It's bruised. Andy has a Kittie. Her name is Ginger. Well I guess I'll go now and make a fucking cool Lord of the rings entry because Andy has one.. and it's fuckin' Kinky. ;D Well I'll see you kiddies later.

Don't forget to write me letters.

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